VIP Members

Guests who visit Huntington Social frequently are encouraged to lease one of several dozen private liquor lockers. Upon purchasing a bottle of any of the bar’s fine spirits, locker owners can store the bottle from visit to visit, with access to premium mixers and tableside cocktail service, as well as priority reservations on busy nights. More details on locker leases are available by contacting Huntington Social directly.

  • Scott Brody
  • Scott Rubin of Village Interiors
  • Joe Willen of Advantage Title
  • B.A.D.G.E. members Sean Bickoff, Daniel Akeson, Thomas De Pace, Brian Galli and Justin Eddings
  • The Howe Bros
  • Banfi Vintners
  • Lou Schmettan, Southern Wine and Spirits
  • Jimmy King and Brian Malone
  • Chef Christopher Lee and Frank “Rocky” Bruno
  • The Kitchen Krewe
  • Douglas Zucker
  • Adam Cash a.k.a. Johnny Wadd
  • Kevin Gursh
  • Sid Silverman and Todd Williams
  • Brody, O'Connor and O'Conner, Esqs
  • Jimmy B. Reilly
  • Lawrence Rizzo and Kevin McCaughan
  • Scott Giroux